Chris Lieb

System Administrator & Application Support

Chris Lieb has over 8 years of experience in IT. Prior to working at IDM, Chris worked at Motricity as both an operations engineer and deployment engineer. As an operation engineer, he supported the SMS aggregation platform for premium and standard rate SMS campaigns, designed and built the Windows domain hosting for the database operations of a predictive analytics engine using Microsoft SQL in a clustered environment; and acted as project manager for a data center migration from Toronto to the Puget Sound. His work as a deployment engineer included automating and troubleshooting large scale software deployments of web portals and content store fronts for ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon.  Chris’ earlier IT experience included Tier 1 customer support for Verizon smartphones, and CDMA cards, Tier 2/3 support specialist for  Microsoft hosted desktop systems, and service operations specialist for triaging network, phone systems, and Windows server architecture.

As a member of the IDM software team, Chris is responsible for supporting the systems architecture and software that runs the disease modeling simulations for IDM.