Christian Wiswell

Software Test Manager
Christian Wiswell is a member of the Quality Assurance team within IDM. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS). He has continued his education since then with the Introductory Computer Programming certificate program and the Database Management certificate program, both through the University of Washington Extension. For more than ten years, Chris has worked for several companies and groups doing testing work, including Google’s Widevine project where he focused on RESTful web services for the encryption process, policy enforcement and asset registration systems, as well as Microsoft, including working for the Microsoft Surface Team, where he was brought on board not only for his test expertise but also because he is a game board expert. His work on Surface generated two patent awards. As a member of IDM’s QA team, Chris is focused on test work for the EMOD software.