Peter Sylwester

Sr. Software Engineer
Peter Sylwester studied Photography, Graphic Design, and Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has been involved in computers for 30 years starting with his first job out of college doing digital image assembly on mainframe computers. After 10 years as a digital image retoucher for large global advertising agencies, Peter transitioned to a software engineer specializing in elaborate animated interfaces for the web. In 2004, he worked on a two-year project at Eddie Bauer to reinvent their ecommerce website and take full advantage of emerging “Web 2.0” technologies. He then joined T-Mobile in 2008 and worked in their Creation Center, an advanced technologies laboratory for innovation. At T-Mobile, Peter also worked with the first releases of Android to deploy web-based applications utilizing the emerging HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to rival native applications built in Android and IOS. In addition to work, Peter has taught certification courses in multimedia development at Portland State University (11 years) and Bellevue Community College (4 years). At IDM, Peter works on web-based interfaces for researcher tools that facilitate human interaction with high-performance computing technologies. As both the technologies and user needs are complex, Peter focuses on creating smart, intuitive interfaces that can handle the complexity.