Submitted by jschripsema on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 23:05

Computational Modeling Platform Service (COMPS) is a web-based user interface that facilitates research by providing access to high-performance computing environments. The dashboard allows you to monitor simulations that are running or queued and manage cluster resources using a job-priority system.

You can also create demographics, migration, and weather input files from the COMPS interface. The spatial and temporal weather data includes air temperature, relative humidity, and rainfall for many geographic regions across the globe using weather station readings and satellite data. COMPS provides a visualization of weather patterns overlaid on regional maps.

COMPS also provides visualization capabilities. One is powerful charting functionality to visualize the output channels for simulations. A chart can include output for a single simulation or for multiple simulations. Viewing multiple simulations in a single chart (multi-chart) provides a fast, flexible way to filter simulations to view only data of interest. Additionally, the spatial channel viewer visualizes geospatial data over time. You can choose from a rich set of base maps on which to overlay the output of the simulation and a large library of gradients to customize the colors used for the data.

COMPS computing resources are available only to IDM researchers and their collaborators. However, we will share any of the input files for the available countries.


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