We're always seeking extraordinary and creative individuals to tackle the challenging research problems in global health. The Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM) is a highly dynamic organization with a work environment that is defined by innovation and collaboration. Our research and software teams are made up of a diverse and talented group of individuals attacking the complex problems found within global health to improve the world we live in. As part of Intellectual Ventures Global Good initiative, IDM is committed to improving and saving lives in developing countries through the use of quantitative analysis.


Research Analyst – healthcare delivery

We seek a full-time Research Analyst to work as part of the IDM analysis and model usage center and to gather, analyze, and model data about healthcare delivery in countries with a high burden of communicable diseases.


Software Engineer – Modeling

IDM is looking for a Software Engineer to work on a team with software developers at the Institute for Disease Modeling tasked with developing software tools for all phases of disease modeling and all stages of the modeling pipeline. Central to this pipeline are IDM’s models of infectious disease transmission which simulate disease dynamics over a wide range of detail in different dimensions.

Software Test Manager, IDM

IDM is looking for a Test Manager (Services and Web UI) that will lead a team of testers to validate critical software systems designed to aid research performed at the Institute for Disease Modeling and our external collaborators. This position will work closely with IDM Software Development and Research teams to verify the functionality, robustness, and stability of our internally developed software Web-based solutions and software services.


Postdoctoral Research Scientist – HIV Modeling

We seek a postdoctoral researcher to join the IDM HIV modeling team for a three-year term. The researcher will collaborate on the development, refinement, and utilization of a sophisticated epidemiological model of HIV transmission; analyze epidemiologically- and policy-relevant data sets; and help to identify critical knowledge gaps.

IDM partners with selected universities, NGOs, government ministries, and other research and public health institutions focused on researching new ways to understand and combat diseases both locally and globally. If you are interested in learning more about collaborating with us, please contact registration@idmod.org.