Researchers collaborate as part of a team research project at the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford on July 4, 2014. The research team led by Professor Adrian Hill are focusing on improving vaccines for malaria, HIV and tuberculosis.

Inspired by collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts in the scientific community, the Institute for Disease Modeling builds modeling tools that result from extensive collaboration among members of our research and software teams. These innovative tools provide quantitative and analytical means to model the transmission of infectious diseases. IDM software tools are freely shared with the scientific community to accelerate disease eradication efforts using computational modeling. All documentation for these software tools is available at


IDM makes many different types of software tools–including dashboards, models, and utilities–available to the global health community.

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Models simulate the transmission and progression of diseases or other health processes in population.

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Dashboards enable you to interactively explore data via web browser.

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Utilities aid in model configuration, calibration, pre- or post-processing, and visualization of data.

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