Inspired by collaborative and multidisciplinary efforts in the scientific community, the Institute for Disease Modeling builds modeling tools that result from extensive collaboration among members of our research and software teams. These innovative tools provide quantitative and analytical means to model the transmission of infectious diseases. IDM software tools are freely shared with the scientific community to accelerate disease eradication efforts using computational modeling.


    RAINIER is a statistical approach for fitting SEIR epidemic models to case and mortality data. We use the approach to create models of COVID-19 transmission in King County, WA

  • Subnational Family Planning Estimation Tool

    The subnational family planning estimation tool (SFPET) is an interactive web app created to aid policymakers in assessing progress towards family planning goals by visualizing both model-based and direct survey estimates of family planning indicators at the subnational level.

  • SynthPops

    SynthPops is used construct synthetic networks of people that satisfy statistical properties of real-world populations (such as the age distribution, household size, etc.).

  • Vis-Tools

    The Vis-Tools visualization toolkit creates layered, animated visualizations from disease simulation output. By linking temporal and geospatial simulation data, it promotes deeper insight into the complexity of disease dynamics.