Elisabeth Root

Deputy Director, Gender, Vulnerability, and Health Equity

Elisabeth Root leads the research team focused on investigating the dynamic, cumulative and interrelated factors that give rise to health inequities, primary among women and children. The team incorporates research on key aspects of the health system that support equitable provision of care and the social, economic, and structural vulnerabilities that influence health and health behaviors. 

Prior to joining IDM in 2021, Elisabeth was a Professor of Geography and Epidemiology at The Ohio State University and served on the leadership team for the Institution for Population Research. Her research activities focused on the long-term and intergenerational impacts of health and development programs on women and children in LMICs and spatio-temporal patterns of mortality and disease, with an emphasis on modeling the contribution of the social determinants of health. 

Elisabeth graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a Ph.D. in Health and Medical Geography.