• HPVsim

    HPVsim is a flexible agent-based model that can be parameterized with country-specific vital dynamics, structured sexual networks, co-transmitting HPV genotypes, B- and T-cell mediated immunity, and high-resolution disease natural history.

  • FPsim

    FPsim is designed as an open-source tool for family planning research.


    PACE-HRH simulates the healthcare needs of a given population so you can more effectively plan what healthcare worker resources will be necessary to provide a wide range of healthcare services. The model is configured via Excel sheets and run via an R script.


    RAINIER is a statistical approach for fitting SEIR epidemic models to case and mortality data. We use the approach to create models of COVID-19 transmission in King County, WA

  • COVID Health Systems

    The COVID Health Systems model is intended to make projections for the number of AAC and ICU hospital beds needed for COVID-19 patients and to estimate the patient waiting time for those beds. It provides a graphical UI using the SIMUL8 platform.

  • Covasim

    Covasim is a stochastic agent-based simulator designed to be used for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2) epidemic analyses.

  • Compartmental Modeling Software (CMS)

    CMS enables you to construct a stochastic compartmental model using a variety of different solvers.

  • Epidemiological MODeling software (EMOD)

    EMOD simulates the spread of disease to help determine the combination of health policies and intervention strategies that can lead to disease eradication. EMOD is a stochastic, mechanistic, agent-based model that simulates the actions and interactions of individuals within geographic areas to understand the disease dynamics in a population over time.