2017 IDM Annual Symposium

Seven Deadly Diseases

April 18, 2017 – April 20, 2017
Bellevue, WA

The 2017 IDM Annual Symposium included talks on model calibration, pneumonia, diarrhea and respiratory infections, measles, and malaria – including the potential of genomic epidemiology, surveillance, and ecology.

A young child receives antimalarial drugs.

The 2017 IDM Annual Symposium started with a lot of talks about the calibration of individual-based models. There were also several talks on pneumonia, saving children from death and estimating biology and relevance for modeling. Additional talks included topics on global burden of diarrhea and respiratory infections, rainfall and diarrheal disease, and insights on cholera volunteers.

On the second day of the symposium there were a handful of talks on malaria – including the potential of genomic epidemiology, surveillance, and ecology. Measles talks covered immunization and vaccination. Pneumonia included multiple talks on vaccination. The HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa was another presentation offered. The final day covered a spectrum of topics, such as talks on typhoid, measles, tuberculosis, and dengue. Also covered was a presentation on spatial models of country scale stochastic outbreaks.

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